Method Prohibited types of food

Prohibited types of food

The MAHONY® DIET program is designed to be as understandable and logical as possible.

It gives clients instructions for reliable weight reduction and, as a bonus, establishes correct eating habits in a completely non-violent way. This fundamentally distinguishes it from a few types of functional diets, the effectiveness of which is redeemed by establishing bad eating habits, the subsequent correction of which is very difficult, often even impossible (one-sided diets, Atkinson's carbohydrate-free diet, etc.).

In medicine (as in life anyway) any one-sidedness is not the right way. In the course of the MAHONY® DIET diet program, the client will thus subliminally understand several essential things:

  • It is necessary to eat regularly (3-4 times a day)
  • Preference should be given to meals rich in protein, accompanied by "neutral" types of vegetables
  • Even in the strictest version, the MAHONY® DIET diet program is not carbohydrate-free, but only low-carb (contains an average of 50 g of carbohydrates per day)
  • It is not even fat-free, the overall fat intake is only significantly reduced, as is the caloric value of the meals
  • Alcohol is prohibited during the diet
  • "Healthy" methods of preparing real foods (marinating, steaming, papillote, or foil) are preferred. Frying or baking has become a thing of the past.


And the client has the same things in mind even after the diet is over if he wants to permanently maintain his reduced weight. He limits fatty foods and sweets of all kinds in his menu, he only consumes alcohol to a limited extent and mainly with food. He remembers that his stomach is contracted after the diet and the feeling of satiety occurs after much smaller portions of food than before the diet. The client therefore remains permanently on children's portions even after the diet is over.


In other words, he does not change the composition of the "winning lineup" even after a successful reduction, he just indulges a little more and adds regular physical activities to his regular activities. This is very important for permanently maintaining a reduced weight that we dedicate a separate link to it.