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Stabilization program

Congratulations on a successful reduction! To maintain the reduced kilograms, we recommend continuing with our stabilization program.

How does it work?

Our stabilization program is set up to lead to a long-term change in your eating habits and your reduced weight to be sustainable in the long term.

After filling out the contact form, our nutrition therapist will contact you within 24 hours and help you set up a customized long-term online meal plan. First of all, you will receive a supplementary questionnaire, which is necessary for drawing up a meal plan. After submitting the completed questionnaire and matching the payment, you will receive a customized meal plan within 5 working days.

The meal plan already includes all real foods that are commonly available in chain stores.


Does the stabilization program include MAHONY® DIET products?

Yes! We have also included several premium products in our stabilization program that complement normal eating. This product line is called "healthy snacking".

Snacking foods taste indistinguishable from their "real" counterparts. You can indulge in popcorn, all kinds of chips, chocolate bars, puddings, or gummy bears. Snacking foods are a great complement to your healthy and balanced diet, which is the key to successful weight stabilization.

For long-term stabilization, we recommend 2-3 MAHONY® DIET snacking meals per day.

During stabilization, you can of course also replace one real food with any protein food (instant bag, bar, etc.) at any time. As part of a varied diet with plenty of fruit, such food will act as a low-calorie substitute and will not induce the process of weight loss and the state of ketosis, typical of the cumulative effect of a protein diet, while restricting the intake of fats and carbohydrates.

Analogously, any of the MAHONY® DIET protein meals can be served as a healthy source of quality protein to anyone at any time. For example, old people are at risk of malnutrition or athletes.


What is the price of the stabilization program?

It only depends on how many products from the "healthy snacking" product line you buy. The final price therefore depends on the number of products purchased.

The price of the customized online meal plan is CZK 890.

The price of the meal plan includes, of course, an online consultation of your meal plan via email communication.


What does a customized meal plan look like?

The customized meal plan consists of any number of courses that you tell the nutritional therapist in the sent questionnaire. It depends only on you which formula suits you. For each course you choose, you will receive a basic list of foods that respect a balanced diet, and you will receive their weights that respect your current goal and other information sent in the completed questionnaire. You simply choose one ingredient from each macronutrient and put together your dish based on your favorite recipes. You can check out the sample PDF for a better idea.

So it is not a general menu that is sent to everyone regardless of age, gender, and current weight, or a menu that you can freely download on the Internet, but a personalized setting!